The hackathon will be in June. Kick off will begin on Friday night and the hackathon will continue through the weekend ending on Sunday night at 6 pm. Schedule is subject to change on location per location basis.

What is the Global Hackathon about?

What are the dates of the hackathon?

We believe that AI is the future and global innovators (data scientists, roboticists, coders, neuro-scientists, etc.) could solve real challenges when they get together.

As an organizer, you will scout for a venue (we are supplying a list of local venues that you can start with and if you are lucky, we may even have one already locked for you), run/update the Eventbrite registration page, look for local food vendors to support your event (we will also be supplying a list of vendors for you as well), MC the event, and work closely with us as support. Don't worry, we are here to help!

Where is the hackathon?

What does organizing a location entail?

There are 10 cities for you to choose from to organize! And we are always happy to grow that list so if you don't see your city, get in touch with us.

Running a hackathon isn't a one man show. We highly recommend recruiting local helpers from your internal community to support you at the event. We recommend getting at least two people to support you all three day.

Am I required to attend the hackathon?

Am I expected to find helpers to run the event?

Yes! Organizers need to be on site everyday of the event to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Because you are passionate about AI, innovation and building communities, because you love hackathons and/or always wanted to put one together. If at least one of these applies to you, then you have the answer.

Do I need to recruit sponsors?

Why should I volunteer to organize a location?

We recommend to find local sponsors that support community tech events in order to guarntee not having to fund anything yourself.

We highly recommend that you do a walk through with the venue personnel a few weeks before the hackathon. You should ship anything there the week of the event. Leave at least 3-4 hours for set up and preparation before kick off. The more preplanning you have, the better off you will be!

Can I change the challenges of the event?

When should I plan to be at the hackathon?

No, with this being a Global Hackathon, we will have all cities working towards the same challenges.

Do I get compensated for organizing a hackathon in my city?

No, we are looking for volunteers that are engaged in helping their communities.